Friday, July 31, 2009

"We run. We jump. We swim and play..."

Ah, yes...Salute Your Shorts.

Circa 1991, Nickelodeon created this show about a bunch of kids at a summer camp who get into comical situations in typical boy vs. girl, jock vs. geek fashion.


My favorite characters were Robert "Bobby" Budnick played by former "Different Strokes" cast member and Montana Max (Tiny Toons) voice actor, Danny Cooksey and, for obvious reasons, this...

Dina Alexander aka Heidi Lucas. Also, very hot. Very.

I can't really recall full episodes of this show, but I do remember random things like: Budnick putting like a 500-piece puzzle together upside-down, Robo-Ug, that D-bag Pinsky replacing Michael, Dina and Budnick's sorta love affair, Zeke the Plumber, and (for hardcore fans) Ug being blue, not sad blue. Toilet bowl blue.

The show lasted two seasons according to Wikipedia, which I didn't even think it was that long. But for any early-90's Nickelodeon fan, this is a cult-classic.


  1. Oh Man! Salute Your Shorts was awesome! I can't remember full episodes either, but I remember most of theme song and I know I watched it like crazy. I remember the hippie/earth girl, I really wanted to be like her. This, Hey Dude, Pete & Pete, Welcome Freshmen, Clarissa Explains It, live-action Nickelodeon was pretty rad.

  2. Totally! I have plans for them on the blog. Mwah-ah-AHHHHHHHHHH!