Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Banner, Same Goodness

I made a new banner in Photoshop over the weekend. I wanted a classic/retro feel, but still energetic. I'm really, really into green this year, which I'm pleased with since it was my original favorite color. Hope you like it!

Friday, May 21, 2010

SMA Sketchbook Profile Week 4: Space Ghost

I first met Matt Kindt at Wizardworld Chicago in 2008 where he was a member of Top Shelf's booth. Previously, I was introduced to his work from a Wizard article that highlighted his WWII-era graphic novel, "Superspy" (a Great read!) His smooth brushwork, and classic style instantly made me fall in love with his work. My book was very much still in the early stages, and presented with this huge talent at the show, I knew adding Kindt was a necessity. I told him the theme of my book and he asked eagerly if anyone had done Space Ghost. With nothing but a few sketches under my belt, I replied, "No," and let him have at it. I love Alex Toth and for future sketches I will have more of the characters he designed in my book.

I returned in about an hour to check on the sketch and was blown away. The whole image is an epic scene that tells some rad space tale of Space Ghost, literally with his back to the wall--battle-weary--and wading in water against some tenacled monster. Epic and still one of my favorites years later.