Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm super Cereal about this, you guys!

Sugar plays an integral part in any Saturday morning. In cereal form, it shouldn't be legal. I was that kid that was eager to try out any new cereal I saw in the supermarket (much to my mom's dismay), and if one of my favorite cartoon character just so happened to have its own brand of sugar bits, was a done deal.

Behold my top Five fave cereals from youth! My teeth haven't seen them in years! Huh, maybe I've matured...


I mentioned before that I was a sucker for any green food thanks to these creatures from the ooze. This cereal was kinda like Chex mixed with Lucky Charms. Not great, but it was a fun experiment to try. I remember there was a recipe on the side to make a pizza using the cereal for the crust or something. It looked disgusting. I'm glad I never tried it.


Particularly the Mario side. I could have sworn the lighter-colored side was the Zelda side, but, oh well. This cereal went away extra fast because they were individually packed, and that just made it seem like it was less. "The Super Mario Brothers Super Show" was really cool featuring the plumber brothers and a horndog Link chasing after Princess Zelda.


We always had to buy at least two boxes of this junk. This cereal made drinking the leftover milk worth it. A smooth maple syrup taste, crispy cereal bits. Thank goodness it had some kind of vitamin in it, otherwise it served no purpose more than cereal lust.


I couldn't choose. Both of these delectable bowls of goodness were constant staples in my household. To this day, they still hold up. No doubt these are in anyone's Cereal Hall of Fame.


Perhaps the greatest cereal ever created by man. Pac-Man cereal was more precious than water to me as a child. It didn't last long, so needless to say we bought tons of boxes when it was out until the sad day my sister and I heard it was to be discontinued and we bought the last box in the store, swearing we'd make it last forever. I'm not even convinced we made it past the next day. Godspeed Pac-Man. Godspeed.

"We run. We jump. We swim and play..."

Ah, yes...Salute Your Shorts.

Circa 1991, Nickelodeon created this show about a bunch of kids at a summer camp who get into comical situations in typical boy vs. girl, jock vs. geek fashion.


My favorite characters were Robert "Bobby" Budnick played by former "Different Strokes" cast member and Montana Max (Tiny Toons) voice actor, Danny Cooksey and, for obvious reasons, this...

Dina Alexander aka Heidi Lucas. Also, very hot. Very.

I can't really recall full episodes of this show, but I do remember random things like: Budnick putting like a 500-piece puzzle together upside-down, Robo-Ug, that D-bag Pinsky replacing Michael, Dina and Budnick's sorta love affair, Zeke the Plumber, and (for hardcore fans) Ug being blue, not sad blue. Toilet bowl blue.

The show lasted two seasons according to Wikipedia, which I didn't even think it was that long. But for any early-90's Nickelodeon fan, this is a cult-classic.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SMA Sketchbook Profile Week 1: The Green Ranger

Ahh...where do I begin?

Back in 1993 a little show named Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers debuted on the Fox network. Before seeing a single episode, I knew I was probably going to be hooked. It had just what I needed at that age. A colorful team, kung-fu theatrics, and GIANT robots that combine into an EVEN GIANT-er robot.

The breakdown of the original team was pretty archetypal (and kinda racist looking back.)

Red Ranger Jason: Jock-y, but not douchey leader who was a rad martial artist powered by the T-Rex

Blue Ranger Billy: Typical glasses-wearing nerd, who the team relied on to solve their problems, powered by the Triceratops.

Black Ranger Zack: Yes, the Black Ranger was African-American (thanks a lot, Fox Kids!= sarcasm). He was a hip hopper, who had his own martial art style called, ugh, "Hip Hop-kido" Powered by the Mastodon.

Pink Ranger Kimberly: The Valley-girl Cheerleader/gymnast...and pretty much nothing else, powered by the Pterodactyl.

Yellow Ranger Trini: An Asian woman (really progressive, Fox Kids = sarcasm). She really didn't have much of a character other than bring more diversity and another woman onto the cast, powered by the Saber-Toothed Tiger Sadly, the actress who played her died in a tragic accident a few years ago.

These five high-schoolers battled an evil witch who made monsters appear on Earth in an attempt to take it over.

Now for the awesome part.

Beginning with the first season, each generation of Power Rangers had an extra Ranger later join the team. This began with...Green Ranger Tommy.

I don't care who you are or where you are from, if you are any fashion a Power Ranger fan, you know this guy and he is arguably the Greatest Ranger Ever.

As a kid, green was my favorite color. It helped draw me to TMNT, made me taste Pistachio ice cream, and cemented the Green Ranger as my favorite. I did like Jason's character from the show, but he just didn't impress me as much as Tommy.

Tommy kicked ass, beat Jason in a fight and has that crazy awesome, Dragonzord and Dragon Dagger.

Back at Wizard World Chicago '08, I knew I was going to get this sketch and I knew I had to get DC artist, Shane Davis to draw it. Thanks to an assist from my pal Kevin. Shane drew the hell out of this sketch, and literally every time I open my book and see it, I smile.

Origin of The Saturday Morning's Awesome Sketchbook

A bunch of my friends had cool comic-themed convention sketchbooks that they would take to comic conventions and get some rad artist of their choice to contribute--from my friend Sean's David Freakin' Bowie's sketchbook to my friend Ben's Nova sketchbook-they were pretty cool. I was just starting to get into the full swing of going to conventions and the next biggest one on the top of the list was Wizard World Chicago '08. The guest list was packed with a bunch of artists that I've been a fan of for a long time, so, I thought, "What better time to start, right?"

I knew from the start that I didn't want to do a book of just one character right away, mostly because I couldn't bring myself to choose just one guy (although I'm a big Captain Marvel/Shazam fan and will probably have a book of him one day). So I thought, ok, what do I love and what could I stand to look at for years and years to come. 1: Transformers, 2: TMNT, and a bunch of other random cartoon/TV characters.

So instead of choosing one, I chose them all! This book just got dedicated to all of my favorite Saturday morning & afternoon/TV characters of all time. I decided to take a desert island approach to this book, specifically, if i could only choose one artist to draw one character, who would they be and what would they draw.

I wanted to start this book off strong, and the first idea (which is probably still my best) was equally awesome and near impossible (in my mind).