Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Origin of The Saturday Morning's Awesome Sketchbook

A bunch of my friends had cool comic-themed convention sketchbooks that they would take to comic conventions and get some rad artist of their choice to contribute--from my friend Sean's David Freakin' Bowie's sketchbook to my friend Ben's Nova sketchbook-they were pretty cool. I was just starting to get into the full swing of going to conventions and the next biggest one on the top of the list was Wizard World Chicago '08. The guest list was packed with a bunch of artists that I've been a fan of for a long time, so, I thought, "What better time to start, right?"

I knew from the start that I didn't want to do a book of just one character right away, mostly because I couldn't bring myself to choose just one guy (although I'm a big Captain Marvel/Shazam fan and will probably have a book of him one day). So I thought, ok, what do I love and what could I stand to look at for years and years to come. 1: Transformers, 2: TMNT, and a bunch of other random cartoon/TV characters.

So instead of choosing one, I chose them all! This book just got dedicated to all of my favorite Saturday morning & afternoon/TV characters of all time. I decided to take a desert island approach to this book, specifically, if i could only choose one artist to draw one character, who would they be and what would they draw.

I wanted to start this book off strong, and the first idea (which is probably still my best) was equally awesome and near impossible (in my mind).

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