Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SMA's Classic Commercial Reviews: Crossfire!

I love this commercial. It has A LOT going on with it. I love how the narrator reveals this post-apocalyptic Mad Max-era arena where kids fight each other through flames in this epic game is "sometime in the future." Leaving our innocent minds to believe...THIS COULD BE OUR FUTURE...and...NO PARENTS! AWESOME! The dueling kids arrive on a hovercraft version of the game pieces and UH OH, there goes the budget for the commercial. Immediately the duelists are whisked away from the crowd to humiliate each other in privacy.

Essentially this game is hockey or soccer with a marble gun as the players whose objective is to knock a puck into the opponent's goal. From this idea alone, I was totally on board. Apparently if you lose or "get caught up in it" you will be lost within the spacetime continuum. So...keep practicing?

What makes this commercial so epic and memorable is the awesome soundtrack where this guy is literally singing his heart out to promote this game. I love it. All of it. CROSSFIYAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. i looooooved this game as a kid. we used to work up a serious sweat playing this haha. just listening to the commercial pumps me up yeah!!!!