Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SMA Sketchbook Profile Week 6: Wonder Woman

This sketch came as a delightful surprise. This book was still in its inception at the time of this sketch and I didn't have a full-on agenda in synchronizing what characters I wanted a specific artist to do. Right after Khary finished my sketch we talked for a bit about art and the WWChicago show were at. Khary brought up Keron Grant (another artist I've followed for about as long as Khary) Khary mentioned Keron was at the show, and even more--a few tables away! I was overcome with shock and anticipation, obviously.

Keron is a fellow Jamaican like myself and I immediately made a b-line to his table. Again, I had limited reference for Keron to draw from due to the seemingly obscure nature of my book and for the life of me I couldn't think a single character I wanted Keron to draw, let alone an obscure one he would mostly likely recall from memory. I was always a fan of Keron's female artwork and a stunning image of Wonder Woman he did prior.

Without a plan, I just went for it. I greeted Keron and let him draw any female character he wanted in my book. I figured since I love how he draws ladies, whatever the outcome I'd be satisfied. I left for a bit to tour the show and give Keron some time to draw and when I returned he gave me this beauty of Wonder Woman. I secretly hoped to myself that he'd draw her. The image equally demonstrates her strength, grace, and beauty. I couldn't have asked for more.

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