Monday, August 17, 2009

SMA Sketchbook Profile Week 2: Underdog & Danger Mouse

I know. I already fell behind...but I got good stuff coming!

This week's installment brings two classic cartoon characters that I first met thanks to the Nickelodeon network. Underdog and Danger Mouse lovingly childlike and rendered by the phenomenal Tiny Titans duo of Franco Aureliani and Art Baltazar respectively.

These are two classic characters who I feel should be in a Cartoon Hall of Fame (in such a thing did exist). I feel the Tiny Titans team have brought so much vigor and enthusiasm to All Ages comics, so naturally I wanted them to take that same energy and etch these characters in time for me in my sketchbook.

Underdog is kinda a Superman analogue with similar powers and identity, while Danger Mouse is your cavalier super spy with, of course, a wicked awesome car.

People still get excited when I open up my book to reveal these two.

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