Friday, May 25, 2012

Awesome Intros: G.I. Joe The Movie (1987)


Simply put, I wish this intro was an episode itself, but it is just as fun to build your own plot around it. The music immediately grabs you and indicated how epic Joes universe is. You can't help but feel patriotic as the comet comes streaming across the screen and hitting the Joe logo dovetailing right into fireworks at a symbol that is uber-American--the Statue of Liberty. One could assume it is Independence Day on this night with the fireworks and the pageantry. What better (or worse) time would it be for Cobra to strike?! As they parachute down from their evil, flying battleship, there is a sense of impending doom from the viewer. From there it's all out awesome.

Cool Call outs:

-The Crimson Guard who punches out the camera and breaks the fourth wall
-A pissed off Duke takes the first shot with a bazooka and (shock) doesn't miss
-The Joes are featured utilizing their unique skill set and (even more shockingly) hit their targets
-Cobra soldiers DEFINITELY died in this battle. No question
-Bazooka tripping and firing a shot that knocks Shipwreck's hat off and destroying a Cobra battleship
-Duke with the last second save
-Always cool to see the Black Joes in action

What is the military budget for the Joes and Cobra?! What are taxes like in this world?!

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